Vegan BBQ Spare Ribs (BBQ Tofu)

Ital Vital Rastarant Caribbean Vegan: 5 Things to Know Before You Order

As Scarborough’s only Caribbean vegan restaurant, we believe that eating well shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice flavor. A healthy diet is essential to a high quality of life, which is why we started Ital Vital in the first place.  Whether you’ve never experienced our Caribbean vegan fare or can’t get enough, we invite you to […]

Rastafarian restaurant in Scarborough offers vegan meals from scratch

By Jennifer Bain Food, Thu., April 9, 2015, The Star How many restaurant kitchens have you been in where the chefs burn frankincense and read from the Bible while extracting milk from coconuts and chopping vegetables? I’ve been in one — Ital Vital Rastarant. That’s not a typo for restaurant. This vegan takeout and juice bar is […]