“YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH” We are committed to serving the highest quality delectable and full flavoured meals that heal, nourish and vitalize your mind!

White Kidney Beans

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We offer size take a way boxes.

The way it works :

Small box – $12.43 (tax included) : You choose any base ex.rice and peas , and add any 2 sides from the daily selection we offer along with our BBQ spareribs plant based protein .

Large Box – $18.08 (tax included) : You choose any base ex.quinoa , and add any 3 sides from the daily selection we offer along with our BBQ spareribs plant based protein.

Weekly Food Menu

Special of the day

Salt Fish with Bakes

Salt Fish with Bakes

Our bakes are made from with whole flour, served with Vegan Soy Protein Fish seasoned with fresh spices and herbs to perfection


Rice n Peas

Rice & Peas

Organic brown rice cooked in real coconut milk along with beans and an array of seasonings.




Organic quinoa steamed and garnished with carrots and parsley.


Rasta Pasta

Rasta Pasta

Whole wheat pasta cooked with an array of seasonings and fresh vegetables.


Vegan BBQ Spare Ribs (BBQ Tofu)

BBQ Spare Ribs (BBQ Tofu)

Customer favorite , tofu protein tossed in our homemade bbq sauce along with sweet bell peppers.


Eggplant Stew

Egg Plant Stew

Eggplant stewed in coconut milk along with red bell peppers, cooked to perfection.


Curry Cauliflower

Curry Cauliflower

Cauliflower and potatoes simmered in our homemade curry coconut sauce.


Callaloo Greens

Callaloo Greens

Our callaloo greens are cooked down in real coconut milk, and seasoned to perfection.




Curry Chickpeas

Curry Chickpeas

Fresh boiled chickpeas simmered in our homemade coconut curry sauce.

White Kidney Bean Ital Stew

Fresh boiled beans stewed in a creamy coconut sauce along with an array of legumes and spices.




Ital Vital

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